John 10:22-42

Jesus – Fully GOD

(As Attested by the Scripture & Believed on by His Sheep)

February 14, 2010

Simon Goncharenko






Jesus Christ is fully God as attested by the unbroken Scripture (objective) and the faith of millions of His sheep (subjective).


I.                   Those who are not His sheep will not believe in Jesus – vv. 22-26, 31-33, 37-39.

A.    No evidence will change their minds – vv. 25, 32, 37.

                                                              i.      Neither His Word – v. 25.

                                                            ii.      Nor His works – vv. 25, 32, 37.

B.     They will not believe because they do not belong – v. 26.

C.     They will get offended when Jesus is worshipped – vv. 31, 33, 39.

II.                Those who are His sheep, do believe and are safe in God’s hand – vv. 27-29.d

A.    They listen to His voice

B.     They are known by Jesus

C.     They follow Him

D.    They receive eternal life

E.     They will never perish

F.      They are secure in His hand – vv. 28-29.

G.    They will come to Jesus when it is their time – vv. 40-42.

III.             The claims to unity of essence and mutual indwelling of God the Father and God the Son witness to Jesus’ divinity – vv. 30, 38.

A.    God the Father and God the Son are of the same essence – homoousion vs. homoiousion – v. 30.

B.     This claim is backed by the works of Jesus done in the Father’s name – vv. 37-38.

C.     The mutual indwelling of the Father and Son testifies further to Jesus’ divinity – v. 38.

IV.             The Bible has no errors in it (inerrancy) – vv. 34-36.


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