John 17:20-26

We Are One in Christ!
June 20, 2010
Simon Goncharenko
I.                   We are ONE in Christ - unity with fellow-believers glorifies God – vv. 20-23.
A.    We are part of the universal church age-old and world-wide – v. 20.
B.     What every believer needs to know about unity – vv. 21-23.
                                                              i.      Christian oneness is patterned after that of the Father and the Son – v. 21a.
                                                            ii.      Christian oneness is only feasible when we are in fellowship with God – v. 21b.
                                                          iii.      Christian oneness provides visible witness to the world – v. 21c.
                                                          iv.      Christian oneness begins with the right doctrine – v. 22.
                                                            v.      More harmonious oneness produces an ultimate witness – v. 23.
II.                There’s more to Christ than we can grasp here and now – v. 24.
III.             How will the sinful world know the righteous God? – vv. 25-26.
A.    God alone is righteous – v. 25.
B.     We know God through Jesus Christ – v. 25.
C.     We make God known to the world when His love is evident through us and His Son resides in us – v. 26.

When we are one in Christ, the world can know God through us.

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