John 3:22-36

Knowing Jesus to Know self

October 4, 2009

Simon Goncharenko





I.                   Not knowing Jesus makes life miserable and unfulfilling – vv. 22-26.

a.       Life without Jesus is HELL.

b.      Life without the right understanding of Jesus’ identity is hard – v. 26.

                                                              i.      When we think that Jesus is there to serve our needs, we will be disappointed – v. 26

                                                            ii.      When we think that we are more important than Jesus, we will get frustrated – v. 26

                                                          iii.      When we fail to understand Jesus’ proper role, life gets out of focus – v. 26


II.                Knowing Jesus and understanding who He is, helps us to understand who we are and what we are to do on this earth – vv. 27-30.

a.       An awareness of God’s providential involvement in our lives adds purpose and purposefulness to everything that we go through – v. 27.

b.      Understanding who Jesus is helps us to understand our proper position and place in life – v. 28-29.

c.       The right perspective on Jesus yields heavenly perspective on our earthly progress – v. 30.


III.             Know Jesus or go to hell! – vv. 31-36.

a.       Jesus came from God – divine origin – v. 31.

b.      Jesus taught the words of God – divine teaching – vv. 32-34.

                                                              i.      What He taught, Jesus had seen and heard – v. 32.

                                                            ii.      The world’s depravity kept it from accepting His message – v. 32.

                                                          iii.      Acceptance of Jesus’ testimony is an affirmation of God’s truthfulness – v. 33.

                                                          iv.      God was the originator of His mission – v. 34.

                                                            v.      God was the designer of His words – v. 34

                                                          vi.      God was the giver of Spirit without limit – v. 34.

c.       Jesus was given control over all by God – divine authority – vv. 35-36.

                                                              i.      ETERNAL LIFE W ITH GOD CAN BE OUR PRESENT REALITY ONLY BY FAITH IN THE SON – v. 36

                                                            ii.      Rejection of the Son robs you of eternal life and makes you the subject of God’s wrath – v. 36.




Only in ______________ _______________ and who He is can we ______________


_______________ and our _________________ in life.

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