Gospel of John

John 4:43-54

John 4:43-54

The Transforming Power of Genuine Faith

October 25, 2009

Simon Goncharenko





I.                   Genuine Faith has nothing to do with sight – vv. 43-48

a.       Some will not believe unless they can see, but that’s not faith – v. 44 (cf. 2:23-25).

                                                              i.      The biblical definition of faith has nothing to do with sight – see Hebrews 11:1.

                                                            ii.      The faith that leans on sight quickly fails when we cannot see – see Job 2:9

b.      Others believe as long as things go their way – vv. 46-47.

                                                              i.      They have some amount of faith to start with however inadequate that may be – v. 47

c.       Jesus must rock the boat sometimes to push people toward genuine faith – v. 48.


II.                Genuine faith begins with the word of God – vv. 49-52

a.       A certain level of humility is necessary to gain real faith – v. 49

b.      To be genuinely biblical our faith must be based on God’s word – v. 50     

c.       The journey of growing faith will include many signs along the way – vv. 51-52.


III.             Genuine faith, when exercised, will completely transform a whole lifestyle – vv. 53-54 .