The Conclusion of God’s Judgment

Revelation 16

21 Fellowship, SBC

Dr. Simon Goncharenko



The Big Idea: The heightened intensity of God’s final judgments is exonerated by the angelic host and repeatedly rejected by the objects of His wrath.


1st Bowl – painful sores upon the beast worshippers

2nd Bowl – salt water becomes unlivable exterminating all living creatures therein –

3rd Bowl – fresh water becomes similarly unusable

(God’s fairness and justice is proclaimed by the angels)

4th Bowl – atmospheric changes make sun give off scorching heat and burning earth inhabitants, yet, even in their pain people still (1) blaspheme God, (2) do not repent, (3) do not give Him glory

5th Bowl – directed at the throne of the beast producing total darkness which contributes to intensification of pain for people, yet they still blaspheme God and refuse to repent

6th Bowl – dries up Euphrates to prepare the way for the armies from the east

-          Three unclean spirits appear to gather the world for the battle of Armageddon

-          The sudden nature of Christ’s return and the beatitude of the prepared

7th Bowl – completes God’s judgment by producing an unprecedented earthquake, which levels every mountain and moves all islands from their current locations, and brings on unmatched hailstorm, but men blasphemed God again.

  May 2020  
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