The Angel and the Little Scroll

Revelation 10

October 2, 2011

21 Fellowship, SBC – Midway, TX

Dr. Simon Goncharenko


Big Idea: Sometimes we have to experience God’s word in our own lives before we can minister it effectively to others.



I.                   Some things about the future God does not intend to reveal – vv. 1-4.

A.    The mighty angel is God’s special agent.

B.     Some things we do not need to know


II.                One day God’s patience will be over – vv. 5-7.

A.    Our present time is characterized by the delay of God’s wrath for the sake of completeness of the number of the saved

B.     A day will come, however, when God will not delay any longer – v. 7.


III.             The whole revelation of God is both easy to swallow and hard to stomach – vv. 8-11. 

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