Don't Unionize With Satan (#4 - Thyatira)
Rev. 2:18-29
Dr. Simon Goncharenko
21 Fellowship - Midway, TX
  1. On the positive side, Thyatira was displaying spiritual growth – vv. 19.


  1. They had works by which their faith could be identified
  1. Works, love, faith, service,  endurance
  1. They were progressing in their faith.


  1. On the negative side, Thyatira embraced heresy – vv. 18, 20-25.
  1. They were not discerning about their teachers – Jezebel – vv. 20-21.

Heb. 13:7

  1. They were sucked into sinful behavior (adultery and idol-worship) – vv. 20-21.
  2. They must have forgotten the real God – v. 18.
    1. Who is fully divine
    2. Whose holiness cannot stand our filth
  3. They would suffer severe consequences – vv. 22-23.
    1. Sickness striking the source of sin
    2. Premature death for the unrepentant
  4. As for the faithful remnant, however, no additional burden was added  – vv. 24-25.
    1. Those who held to this heresy thought they were privy to the deeper truths.
    2. No additional requirement added to those who did not hold the heresy.
    3. The only task for the faithful ones was to hold on to what they had.
  1. Faithfulness on earth earns authority and splendor in heaven – vv. 26-29.
  1. Greater faithfulness on earth results in greater authority in heaven – vv. 26-27.
  2. Royalty and splendor like the morning star awaits the faithful – v. 28.



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  April 2020  
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