Come, Lord Jesus!

Revelation 22

21 Fellowship, SBC

Dr. Simon Goncharenko


The Big Idea: Those who are ready for Christ’s return live expectantly, even while faithfully pursuing God’s will daily



I.                   To reign with God – eternal destiny of the believer – vv. 1-5.

A.    The river – God’s source of life – vv. 1-2a.

B.     The tree of life – v. 2b.

C.     No more curse – v. 3a.

D.    Perceptible worship of the visible God – vv. 2b-4.

E.     The illuminating power of God’s glory – v. 5.

II.                To make ready – the explicit purpose of this book and God’s entire revelation – vv. 6-16, 18-19.

A.    The veracity of God’s revelation – v. 6a.

B.     The purpose of God’s revelation – vv. 6b-16, 18-19.

                                                              i.      To make ready – vv. 6b-7.

                                                            ii.      To define accurately the object of our worship – God alone – vv. 8-9.

                                                          iii.      To inform of the imminent nature of Christ’s return – vv. 10-11.

                                                          iv.      To remind His servants of the performance-based reward that is to come – v.12.

                                                            v.      To identify Jesus Christ as the eternal one – v. 13, 16.

                                                          vi.      to reiterate the terms of entering eternity with God – free of charge – vv. 14-15, 17b.

C.     The completed nature of God’s revelation – can’t add or take away – vv. 18-19.

III.             To live expectantly - Come Lord Jesus! – the proper posture of every believer – vv. 17, 20-21.

  April 2020  
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