Be Wholehearted! (#7 Laodicea)

Revelation 3:14-22

21 Fellowship, SBC - Midway, TX

Dr. Simon Goncharenko

I.                   The Lord cannot stand half-hearted devotion – vv. 14-16.


A.    Jesus provides a perfect example of wholeheartedness – v. 14.

                                                              i.      The Amen

                                                            ii.      The Faithful and true witness

                                                          iii.      The originator of God’s creation

B.     From the standpoint of effectiveness half-heartedness is the worst – v. 15.

C.     The Lord will reject persistent half-heartedness – v. 16.

II.                Half-hearted devotion is a result of an inaccurate self-perception – vv. 17-18.

A.    Self-sufficiency lies at the heart of half-hearted devotion

B.     As the only self-sufficient one, God alone has what we need to be all that we can be

                                                              i.      Only His purified gold can make us rich

                                                            ii.      Only His white clothing can cover our shameful nakedness

                                                          iii.      Only His eye salve can make us see

III.             We can always renew our level of commitment to the Lord and His work – vv. 19-22.

A.    God’s discipline is a tool to help us re-engage our fellowship with Him

B.     To please God, we must do what He wants and how He wants it.

C.     Our faithfulness on earth will be rewarded in the millennial kingdom





Only that church and family is blessed which keeps Jesus at the center of their lives and pursuits! 

  May 2020  
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