God Rules – The Immovable Reality of Heaven!

Revelation 4-5

21 Fellowship, SBC - Midway, TX

Dr. Simon Goncharenko


Big Idea: The scene of heaven as the introduction to the judgments of earth reminds us that the painful realities of tribulation are set to restore the creation to its original state of praising and worshipping God.


I.     God is on the throne (and we are not) – 4:1-11.

A.    His splendor fills the heavens – 4:1-3.

B.     He is surrounded by His people – 4:4.

C.     He is accompanied by the Holy Spirit – 4:5.

D.    He is served by His angels – 4:6-11.

Earthly temple

Heavenly sanctuary

Holy of holies

The throne of God

Seven-branched candlestick

Seven lamps of fire before the throne

Bronze laver

Sea of glass

Cherubim over the mercy seat

Four living creatures around the throne


Elders (kings and priests)

Brazen altar

Altar (Rev. 6:9–11)

Incense altar

Incense Altar (Rev. 8:3–5)

Ark of the covenant

Ark of the covenant (Rev. 11:19)

II.     Jesus alone is worthy to inaugurate God’s judgment program – 5:1-14.

A.    No other qualified person existed anywhere – 5:1-4.

B.     Jesus’ qualifications for opening the scroll – 5:5-14.

                                                              i.      Who He is – 5:5.

                                                            ii.      Where He is – 5:6.

                                                          iii.      What He does – 5:8-10.

                                                          iv.      What He has – 5:11-14.

  April 2020  
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